Monday, December 2, 2013

Travelling alone - making new friends

Travelling alone is not as lonely as you might think. I have been travelling “alone” for over six months now, and have met more people in this period than I would normally meet in about five years of normal life. I have felt less alone than I ever have and had one of the best times of my life.

The secret is communication. It is no good travelling alone if you are shy and don’t like introducing yourself to people, or striking up random conversations. I believe this is something that can be learned and practiced as I used to be shy.

Me flying solo in Ecuador - Photo: Tim Torres
I have met people in the most random situations, helped people in strange situations and bumped into people I know from the other side of the world while travelling! I have had more than my fair share of coincidences in my travels. I have also met more of the nicest, kindest and good people in my travels than I had met in my whole life.

It is all about your comfort level, but I know plenty of girls who travel on their own in “dangerous” countries. However, they don’t try this for their first backpacking trip. 

You build up to something like that, just like you don’t try running when you haven’t even crawled.

Common sense is needed and if you don’t have it, at least have the brains to travel with someone who does.

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