Saturday, September 25, 2010

Which Free Blog to Choose?

I have read a few online articles from bloggers. mostly this one here and asked my friends on Facebook their opinions and Blogger seems to be the way to go, beating WordPress and LiveJournal! 

I also chose Blogger because it is Google, and so I hope it comes up higher in Google Search rankings. Google also has Picasa, which integrates seamlessly. 

Google being Google is going to be better than the other Blog companies, or just buy them out sooner or later.

Tumblr is the only blog that enables you to have your own domain name, and use it to host your Tumblr blog free of charge. You can also post other people's blog posts on your blog known as "tumble" it. I may have to switch to Tumblr!

I hope I can inspire you to write a blog too. 

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