Monday, November 15, 2010

The High Line Park New York City Video Blog

The newly opened High Line Park which still has sections under construction is a great place to visit in NYC. 

The Park is built on an elevated train line that used to be used by the meat packing district of New York. The train line lay abandoned and was due for removal when someone had the idea of turning it into a park. The long thin route of a train line makes an ideal walkway, and when it is completed it will be a very long walk through the west side of Manhattan.

The park is a great vantage point for looking out across the city as it lies above street level. There is some very nice wooden furniture on which to soak up the rays or just watch the crowds of people walking by.

The park weaves it way through buildings and gives a glimpse into offices, apartments and the famous Standard Hotel which bridges it - great for watching or being watched. It doesn’t get more touristy than this folks.

Enjoy the video blog, I wasn’t sure whether to edit it and add music and change the voice over, or to leave it as the raw footage that it currently is so let me know what you think.


  1. Ultimate question: How much for a room?
    Secondary question. Where did you get that bit of trivia from?

  2. Standard Queen from $295 to the Empire Suite from $1,800!

    The Trivia came from my friends that live in New York, I also used to live in New York.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention, New York charges a 14% tax on hotel rooms, so it would be $295 + $41.30 = $336.30 - the absolute minimum price for a room.