Saturday, November 27, 2010

Travel Poem - The Difference between Travel Secrets and Nomadic Wisdom

Living on the edge is still taking up space,
I am enticed no longer by the rat race.
Accomplish your dreams before it’s too late,
Seize the opportunity do not idly wait.

Like a lonely satellite I did wander,
Perceiving places and people to ponder.
Belief in ideas is timeless and essential
To learn, grow and realise ones potential.
Simplicity will be the traveller’s goal supreme,
When you lug your life and are living the dream,
Less beats more like a man can only lug so much,
I love relationships so let’s stay in touch.

To truly enjoy living life to the max,
It’s vital to chillax and stop bleeding tax.
Title does not define – I serve while I can,
I live the truth and am a slave to no man.

Where I have gone is greater than an aged address,
And better than belongings I possess.
You can go on without money and have fun,
But expire the second your time equals none.

Forever remember what you have been taught,
Pity no one that perishes for lack of thought.
Enjoy existing no envy no regret,
This is travel wisdom from nomads I met.

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