Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 5 Free iPhone Travel Apps

So you are going somewhere and you have an iPhone... but do you have these cool FREE travel apps? For those iPhone devotees out there, in order of coolness:

1. Wi-Fi Finder

Using Wi-Fi instead of Edge and 3G is often your best option when you're abroad. Wi-Fi finder has a directory of over 280,000 Wi-Fi access points in 140 countries worldwide, so you can always stay connected without getting raped by high roaming data charges.

2. Skype
As you probably know, Skype gives you completely free calls on-the-go by utilising Wi-Fi networks. It sure beats using payphones or paying international calling rates.

3. TripIt
TripIt's travel-management app keeps your TripIt itineraries at your fingertips online and offline. It provides maps and directions and also links to airlines, hotels, restaurants, and more, directly from your itinerary.

4.Sit or Squat
This app attempts simply to answer one of the most important questions for travellers in a desperate situation: "Is this a toilet clean enough to sit on or do I need to squat?" You may laugh now, but it may be worth it in the long run especially for you ladies. It is also available on Blackberry.

5. GateGuru
GateGuru is specifically tailored for people waiting at airports. It tells you all the places to eat and shops near you and if they are worth losing your seats for.

Bonus:  TSAwait Lite
The Lite version is free, the Full version costs just US$0.99

Waiting in a long security cue at the airport – not my idea of fun! This app provides average wait time statistics for airport security checkpoints across the US.

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