Monday, October 18, 2010

Keeping in Touch While Travelling

Going away for a short period like a week isn’t enough time to miss friends and family if you are busy, but when you are going away for a year, planning on how to keep in touch with loved ones is an important consideration.

With the age of the internet and Facebook this has got considerably easier. Emails and Facebook updates are an easy way to keep the ones you love back home updated on your life. Skype is also a wondrous God send, especially with free WiFi spots popping up all over like Starbucks and McDonalds.

Smart phones with WiFi capabilities like the iPhone mean you don’t even need to lug your laptop around anymore to get online!  

I take a phone with me for putting another SIM card in from the local country I am visiting if I am going to be there for longer than 2 weeks. 

It helps to stay in touch with people you meet on your travels. You just need an unlocked phone for this that takes a SIM card and works on the required bands for where you are traveling.

Even with all of this technology, sometimes a postcard can be more appreciated by loved ones than all the modern technology options we can come up with.

Writing a Blog is another good way to let people know you are still alive and what you are up to. For which Blog to choose see this.

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