Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Best Urban Beach in Europe

San Sebastian, also called Donostia in local dialect of the Basque country, in Spain is hands down the best urban beach I have ever seen or heard about. The city’s main beach is called La Concha. 

The City has two main beaches, one which is great for learning to surf as it has good waves, and the other is more sheltered by an island in the bay. I taught a friend to surf here, and she is now eternally grateful that I pushed her to come and surf with me. 

San Sebastian - Photo: Francis Shenstone
San Sebastian holds an annual surf competition which I had the pleasure of catching while I was there. The city also has great food, especially the famed “pinchos” bars – tapas.

Being a beach lover I can say that this isn’t the best beach in Spain, but it is the best Urban Beach not only in Spain but all of Europe.

The city is located just over the border from France on the North Coast of Spain, so the water can be a bit chilly. San Sebastian also has a good train station with connections all over Spain, France and Europe in general.

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